Slow Growth


I shared this quote with some early childhood colleagues, as part of a larger conversation about child development and having time to play — but I’m convinced it’s applicable to adults, too. Learning is a process and that process takes time. Why do we rush it?

When I reflect on past experiences training, orienting, and coaching new managers, there’s a clear pattern — when I was patient and allowed lots of time for a gradual release of responsibility, when I focused on foundational skills first (and in depth), and when I trusted the process without hyper-focusing on an end product…that’s where the magic happened. Those managers were successful because their core was strong.

And when I didn’t? When I rushed to “get the training done” or fixated on the learning outcomes and details of the training schedule, or hurried to promote someone because there was an urgent need to fill a vacancy? Those managers weren’t as successful — and as I type this, I realize I owe them an apology for my role in that. I often remind clients that slow progress is still progress, but I occasionally need that reminder myself!




This post first appeared at in September 2017.
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