Choose Joy

“Choose joy.”

We spent lots of time at today’s Behavior Collaboration meeting discussing behavior management strategies, sharing ideas about “what works” — we’re planning a full day conference for October 2018 and it’s going to be pure awesome, BTW! — and every layer of conversation, every tip and trick, and every success story had one thing in common:

“Choose joy.”

  • Choosing joy means celebrating the messy play and noisy voices and running feet, assuming positive intent and providing positive guidance.
  • Choosing joy means embracing the tearful separations and the not-sharing and the not-so-nice hands, understanding that young children need time to practice these social skills.
  • Choosing joy means prioritizing play and having fun.
  • Choosing joy means remembering that nurturing hearts is just as important as shaping minds.

Give yourself permission to choose joy, even in the most challenging moments. You deserve it — and children do, too.

This post was originally published at, a resource for early childhood providers.

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