Practicing what I preach

“Every training I lead, I’m compelled to live its message. ”

I wish I could remember the origin of that quote (if you know who said it, please let me know!). I heard it first early in my career, when I began working with and for early childhood teachers; I knew that I could impress them by “talking the talk” but that I could only inspire them to trust me if I also “walked the walk.” At the time, that meant making sure that my own preschool classroom was child-centered, developmentally appropriate, and play-based.

Now, as a consultant, I still spend some time facilitating training sessions related to those same classroom practices — what’s best for children remains true, year after year! — but I also spend an equal amount of time on leadership development.

I support new managers with a focus on authenticity and communication, help seasoned supervisors hone in on meaningful relationships, and talk an awful lot about vulnerability and courage. Many work days and professional responsibilities are best summed up as helping others feel heard and understood; there are recurring themes of being kind, choosing joy, and embracing optimism.

… and I’m reminded that with every training I lead, I’m compelled to live its message.






📸: @lorihetteenart

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