19 ways to learn & grow

Over the past year, I’ve been invited to help others in so many interesting ways. I was working on some record maintenance today (admittedly not my favorite task) and was pleasantly surprised to discover the diversity in recent projects.

At a glance: Through professional development sessions for large groups, teams, and individuals , I have been fortunate to help professionals learn how to:

    Talk so people listen and listen so people feel heard
    Develop and promote your personal brand 
    Inspire employees’ confidence in your leadership 
    Develop a meaningful mission statement and vision
    Give a great tour, without feeling like a used car salesman*
    Make new employees feel welcome
    Make staff meetings more engaging
    Apply what you know about child assessment to your staff evaluations*
    Help teachers add more open-ended art to your classrooms*
    Encourage teachers to (insert best practice of your choice here)*
    Create a strategic plan for growth and improvement
    Manage everything effectively, without micromanaging everyone 
    Improve your communication skills
    Promote positive behaviors in the classroom*
    Prioritize play in your classrooms*
    Build children’s social-emotional competence*
    Align what you’re measuring (evaluations, report cards, etc) with what you value
    Help employees develop an ownership mindset 
    Cultivate kindness in the classroom*

The topics marked with an asterisk are specific to educators, while the rest are pretty universal. 

If a topic is of interest to you, or sparks a question, let’s connect. I’m planning now for fall and into 2020.

… I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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