Care Packages

“Happiness is… a good book and a cozy blanket.” Seriously, add some coffee and that’s pretty much the Best Day Ever for me.

As someone who loves to read and loves to learn, “book club” style professional development has been one of my favorite projects this year. I was soooo excited when one of my clients committed to a department-wide book study.

The official plan was for me to facilitate monthly workshops to help participants with leadership goals that were based on what we were reading. My unofficial plan also involved lots of relationship building, with tried & true techniques that include warm, inviting learning environments, good food, and great conversation. (That “Christina cares” vibe is what I’m known for — professionally and personally — and it’s definitely where my heart is!)

Then, coronavirus restrictions hit — and my training plans needed to be completely revamped. How the heck was I going to accomplish warm and fuzzy via Zoom?

After lots of half-baked plans and not-so-great attempts, I finally found something that works: Care Packages.

For that first “book study” client, each Care Package included a copy of the book we selected, some silly office supplies, and coffee — lots of coffee. Since then, the idea has evolved a little; each Care Package now includes a cozy fleece blanket and a handpicked book from my favorites list, bundled up in an adorable yet practical reusable tote bag.

Blankets and bags vary in color/pattern and the books are selected based on each person’s answers to a few brief questions. Separate from that, I also offer a few different professional development programs as optional add ons.

(Think Oprah’s Favorite Things, but actually affordable — and with an option for 1:1 coaching, a discussion group, and/or an interactive training session at a later date.)

I have materials for 10 Care Packages left and was thinking that they’d make great gifts. Treat yourself, or show someone else that you care. ❤️

You can access ordering details by clicking here.

If you’re interested in a Care Package but have questions, just email me and we’ll work out the details. christina(dot)fecio(at)

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