Bite-size advocacy

"Because my first role is advocate for children…” I hastily scribbled those words in my notes a few years ago, while listening to Sherry Cleary lead a professional development segment. She was recalling a conversation with a staff member and shared some excellent strategies for delivering feedback and facilitating difficult conversations. Although advocacy was not [...]

Workshops don’t work.

I earn a living facilitating professional development -- including lots of workshops! -- yet I'll be the first to tell you that workshops (alone) just don't work. Managers often rely on a workshop or a training session to assure employee compliance, or to remedy a performance concern. Some organizations will even schedule a workshop to [...]

“Contests don’t motivate me.”

When I saw this on Facebook, I couldn't stop laughing; I wish I was this self-aware at age 10. (Photo credit to Beth Teliho.) "Contests don't motivate me" is undeniably the reason why some managers don't connect with some team members. Recognition is arguably a key to engagement and satisfaction, but recognition via contests, rewards, [...]