Uncomfortable Kindness

“You’re always so nice to me.” I say this incredulously... every. single. time. I say it with surprise and a twinge of actual, physical, discomfort. Why? Kindness is not unfamiliar to me — (most) people are (mostly) kind. And yet? Kindness, especially in the form of “words of affirmation” (aka praise) can make me so [...]

Why do we do that?

When I asked participants for “one word” feedback on an event that I facilitated, the feedback was: Inspiring. Valuable. Engaging. Informative. Productive. Excellent. Fantastic. Interactive. On target. Interactive. Amazing. Joyful. Validating. Wonderful. Bland. Educational. Practical. Fun. Helpful. Useful. Great. Refreshing. Positive. Beneficial. Awesome. Inspirational. Just what I needed. Terrific. Eye-opening.  But guess what I saw? Inspiring. [...]

Workshops don’t work.

I earn a living facilitating professional development -- including lots of workshops! -- yet I'll be the first to tell you that workshops (alone) just don't work. Managers often rely on a workshop or a training session to assure employee compliance, or to remedy a performance concern. Some organizations will even schedule a workshop to [...]