Self-care isn’t selfish.

I am a helper. This is likely true for many of you, too, considering that education is a nurturing profession. We are often drawn to this field because we care deeply about children.  Then, as we grow professionally, we realize that “caring deeply” applies to families, to colleagues, and to our communities as a whole [...]

Practicing what I preach

"Every training I lead, I'm compelled to live its message. " I wish I could remember the origin of that quote (if you know who said it, please let me know!). I heard it first early in my career, when I began working with and for early childhood teachers; I knew that I could impress [...]

Choose Joy

"Choose joy." We spent lots of time at today's Behavior Collaboration meeting discussing behavior management strategies, sharing ideas about "what works" -- we're planning a full day conference for October 2018 and it's going to be pure awesome, BTW! -- and every layer of conversation, every tip and trick, and every success story had one [...]

Slow Growth

I shared this quote with some early childhood colleagues, as part of a larger conversation about child development and having time to play -- but I'm convinced it's applicable to adults, too. Learning is a process and that process takes time. Why do we rush it? When I reflect on past experiences training, orienting, and [...]

Be it to teach it.

"Be it to teach it" seems to apply to every aspect of my life -- teaching, coaching, training, parenting, and even just "adulting" too. I find myself saying it often in workshops regarding classroom management and boosting children's social competence -- you have to be kind and be patient if you want to teach kindness [...]