Workshops don’t work.

I earn a living facilitating professional development -- including lots of workshops! -- yet I'll be the first to tell you that workshops (alone) just don't work. Managers often rely on a workshop or a training session to assure employee compliance, or to remedy a performance concern. Some organizations will even schedule a workshop to [...]

Choose Joy

"Choose joy." We spent lots of time at today's Behavior Collaboration meeting discussing behavior management strategies, sharing ideas about "what works" -- we're planning a full day conference for October 2018 and it's going to be pure awesome, BTW! -- and every layer of conversation, every tip and trick, and every success story had one [...]

Compliment publicly. Correct privately.

"That date is wrong." "Can you correct that typo?" "You really need to..." Do you really have to "reply all" with that? I admit that I am biased against "reply all" - anyone who has received 104 "me too" responses surely feels my pain there. But when someone nitpicks in such a public way? Or [...]

Slow Growth

I shared this quote with some early childhood colleagues, as part of a larger conversation about child development and having time to play -- but I'm convinced it's applicable to adults, too. Learning is a process and that process takes time. Why do we rush it? When I reflect on past experiences training, orienting, and [...]

Be it to teach it.

"Be it to teach it" seems to apply to every aspect of my life -- teaching, coaching, training, parenting, and even just "adulting" too. I find myself saying it often in workshops regarding classroom management and boosting children's social competence -- you have to be kind and be patient if you want to teach kindness [...]